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On-Demand Webinar

Original Presentation Date: November 18, 2021

Hiring and retaining employees with disabilities shouldn’t be a “checkbox” initiative for your organization.

That’s why companies have shown an increasing focus away from simply being respectful of the needs of people with disabilities, and towards establishing themselves as a truly inclusive brand and employer.

In our “Making Accessibility a Part of Your Company’s Culture” webinar session, we’ll discuss what it actually means when you make accessibility a cornerstone of your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, including:

  • Best practices for hiring and retaining employees with disabilities
  • Specific training programs for your employees around accessibility policies and processes
  • Ensuring the technologies your company uses meets accessibility standards

Learn how you can position your company as a market leader to consumers and employees across all walks of life.

Webinar resources include the recorded presentation, slides, and transcript.

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About the Presenter

Derek Featherstone
Chief Experience Officer, Level Access

Derek Featherstone presenting at a conferenceDerek brings 20+ years of usability analysis and accessibility consulting and training experience to his work with teams around the world, helping to make digital products more accessible and easier to use, while consistently improving practices, processes, and cultures to be more inclusive.

An internationally known speaker and authority on accessibility and inclusive design, Derek is focused on ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are seen as an integral part of user experience and service design, rather than as a simple checklist afterthought. He works directly with high-profile clients to ensure they are crafting and facilitating great user experiences for everyone, including people with disabilities.