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We will release AMP 9.27 to hosted production systems on 9/21/2020 starting at 9pm EDT.  This release will require an outage of up to one hour. 

The following updates will be included in this release:

  1. AMP-3418: When a Jira issue was created from an AMP instance, the linked Jira ticket was not being displayed in the report after the report reloaded. This has been resolved, so linked Jira tickets will show up as expected in the AMP Violation Instance report after the ticket is successfully created.
  2. AMP-3417: If a user double-clicked the “Submit” button when creating a Jira ticket from an AMP violation instance, two Jira tickets were created.
  3. AMP-3416: When users resized the browser window while viewing the violation instances report in AMP, linked Jira tickets displayed in the report were duplicated in the report interface.
  4. AMP-3409: The API tokens for Access Continuum were not showing up on the Toolbox page in organizations that were children of an actively-licensed organization in AMP. This has been resolved, so all children of any licensed organization will display the organization’s API token as long as the Access Continuum license is active.
    1. Linked Support Ticket: 117011
  5. AMP-3407: The Jira integration API was returning the status of all tickets on screens where the status was not used. This has been updated so the status is only returned on the screen where this data is useful — the violation instances report.
  6. AMP-3403: A new “Simulate User Agent String” has been added to the Advanced Test Configuration to allow users to enter a user agent string with which an AMP scan should test pages on a site. This allows automated testing of adaptive sites.
    1. Linked Support Tickets: 116883, 117081
  7. AMP-3330: A new “Module” filter has been added to the Violation Instances report in AMP.
  8. AMP-3328: PDFs that contained a comma in the URL and were captured in the Document Inventory within an AMP report were not getting tested, and were also causing display issues with all content following that document within the Document Inventory.
    1. Linked Support Ticket: 115954
  9. AMP-3327: The organization compliance score was showing a score when all reports were deleted from all assets in the organization. This fix ensures that the compliance score resets when reports are deleted from assets in an organization.
    1. Linked Support Ticket: 115928
  10. AMP-3295: The checkbox on the “Create Asset” form was missing a label and therefore not accessible. This issue has been resolved.
    1. Linked Support Ticket: 115564
  11. AMP-3129: When adding a manually-raised violation instance to a pattern in Access Assistant, the status of the instance was being changed to “Failed by System.” This has been fixed so the status does not change.
    1. Linked Support Tickets: 114227, 117161
  12. AMP-3088: When testing PDFs in the AMP Document Inventory, if the PDF URL contained any query strings, AMP would not indicate that it was testing the PDF file.
    1. Linked Support Tickets: 113946, 116315, 116507
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