It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

On Monday, July 27th at 9pm EST, we will be upgrading all Level Access software products. You can expect an outage of up to 4 hours at that time.

This release includes several new and improved automatic tests in Access Engine, reporting enhancements in Access University, and a new testing framework for Access Continuum.

Highlights Include:

Access Engine Update

A number of new tests and enhancements to existing tests have been added to Access Engine. Review the detailed release notes for specifics. All testing products have been updated to use this new version of Access Engine, but AMP will respect the Engine version configurations set for your organizations after the last release. Don’t forget to enable the new tests if your organization(s) are not set to use the latest version of Access Engine.

Access University Reporting Enhancements

User feedback after our last executive reporting release has been incorporated into the latest version of Access University. A number of improvements have been made to the executive reporting experience, including:

  • Search Filters: A search filter has been added to all of the reports, enabling users to efficiently search for specific users or courses within very large reports.
  • New Average Completion per Team Report: A new report has been added to allow administrators to view the course completion rates for each cohort.
  • Detailed User Report Actions: Users can now update the columns that are visible in the detailed user report and download the filtered report to Excel.

Introducing the Continuum Scripting Framework

A new tool-agnostic testing framework is now available with Access Continuum. This framework uses a simple, XML-like scripting language to allow organizations to write automated accessibility tests for any Web or mobile application. It capture thumbnails and reports on violations as the other Continuum SDKs do, but it also includes one of the most-requested features from our user community — scanning applications with Access Continuum. Organizations can use the new methods to scan their Web applications that are behind a firewall, sending data to AMP and addressing one of the most common use cases for our customers. Read the end user documentation to learn more about this new, powerful testing tool.

Access Assistant and Continuum Explorer Professional for Everyone

Level Access is now making the professional versions of Access Assistant and Continuum Explorer available to everyone! With this release there will no longer be a separate Community version of Access Assistant (AST) and Continuum Explorer. Anyone using AST Community or Continuum Explorer Community will be prompted to download the professional version to continue using the browser extension. Functionality that is available to licensed AMP users only will only be available in AST Professional after the user logs in to their AMP instance. Continuum Explorer makes all functionality available to anyone for free, in keeping with Level Access’ mission to democratize accessibility!

To learn more about the updates included in this release, Detailed Release Notes.

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