It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

Today, much more education is happening online. Online universities offer students from all walks of life the opportunity to earn college degrees. And many traditional schools are using technology to support their programs and services. For students with disabilities, online resources remove many of the physical and social barriers to education, like coping with school facilities that are not physically accessible, carrying books, or coping with social anxiety or OCD.

But are all your electronic resources accessible? Our new whitepaper – Making Education Websites Accessible to People with Disabilities – puts you in your students’ shoes. There are countless barriers for students with disabilities that you may not have even books

Some of the things covered in this Whitepaper:

  • An intro to digital accessibility
  • Common accessibility barriers for students
  • Current legal requirements for educational institutions
  • Tips for meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0)
  • Advice for choosing an accessibility vendor