It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

Release Details

  • Date/Time: Monday, March 25, 2019 at 9pm ET/6pm PT
  • Expected Outage: Up to 3 hours
  • Updated Products: 
    • AMP
    • Access Analytics
    • Access Assistant
    • Access Continuum
    • Access Engine
    • Access University

Release Highlights

Access Analytics 4.0

A common question we’ve been hearing from our Analytics customers is, “What should I do next?” Analytics provides our customers with data that helps them identify trends and better plan their subsequent efforts. With the 4.0 release we are taking that concept a step further. Refreshed dashboards and a tighter integration with AMP offer new views into accessibility so users can pinpoint root causes and take next steps presented right on the dashboard. The entire user experience, including all of the dashboards, have been re-designed to provide our customers with more clear and actionable insights.

Access University 3.0

Redesigned User Experience

We’ve heard from University customers that the user interface wasn’t easy to navigate because of its “long, scrolling course content.” With the 3.0 release, we introduce a new theme that provides a tabbed view of content. A course progress indicator has also been added at the same time to give students a better sense of where they are. Additionally, we’ve created a new course on SVG Accessibility. There will be more courses for designers coming in the next several months.

Self-Enrollment Options

Large organizations who are providing access to many users will now find it easier to get them in the correct cohorts, ensuring they have access to the right courses for their role. Organization administrators can set up rules to allow user self-enrollment into cohorts. For example, developers could now enroll themselves into the Accessibility for Developers cohort instead of requiring an administrator to do this for them.

Edit Cohorts in Access University

Organization administrators in Access University can now edit their organization’s cohorts, including adding and removing specific courses as they wish.

Access Continuum: Greater Test Coverage and Reporting to AMP

Send Test Results to AMP

Development and QA groups can now send accessibility test results from their Continuous Integration environments to AMP using Access Continuum. New reporting strategies and related methods have been added to Access Continuum to allow customers to report on their accessibility testing efforts occurring at earlier stages in the software development lifecycle.

Greater Test Coverage

Access Continuum now supports testing of web views, making it possible for our customers to evaluate their hybrid applications (web applications existing in a native wrapper) for accessibility. Additionally, a number of new mobile-specific tests have been added to Access Engine, as well as new Guided Automatic tests (for mobile and Web), making it possible for a full range of tests to be run throughout the development lifecycle and reported on in AMP.

Access Assistant for Edge

AMP’s Access Assistant browser extension is now available for Microsoft Edge and AMP users can download the extension from the AMP Toolbox tab. The Community version of this browser extension will be available soon on