Looking for Object Inspector and other MSAA tools?

There are many great tools that allow testers and developers to explore the Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) information exposed by application including Flash and Flex.

Adobe InDesign Accessibility Tagging

InDesign Accessibility Hints Some document accessibility can be performed directly in InDesign before converting documents to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. InDesign has a tagging structure.

Accessible Text Clouds

The use of text clouds can offer a fun, visually appealing method of displaying the frequency or popularity of words on a web page. Merely relying on font-sizes, weights and color to convey hierarchy can exclude some users from accessing important information on the website, though. By ensuring that the raw data is structured with OL tags in HTML, screen readers such as JAWS will convey the hierarchy of the list items and render the information as it is structured and in the order that the content appears in the Document Object Model (DOM).

A man sits at a desk between two laptops, testing a website for accessibility. Behind him are an audit report with compliance score of 94% and various charts and graphs.
Accessibility Testing Tool Requirements

At Level Access, our team is always working on building a better Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), and as part of that, we have put together.

A yellow file folder with several papers on top. A checklist on the top page is completely checked off.
How to get a VPAT

Many customers come to Level Access with the goal of getting a VPAT for their product. (Often that happens sometime between April and July when.

A screen showing a Compliance Score report and various graphs. The overall score is 94%.
Section 508 Testing Approaches

So you know that you have to comply with Section 508 and now you want to understand your options for testing that compliance. This post covers the basic choices for how to do 508 testing and evaluation requirements for your testing infrastructure.

Basics of Section 508 Compliance

At SSB BART Group we work with a lot of organizations that are starting to grapple with the question of how to comply with the Section 508 requirements. That question can be broken down into three basic areas of compliance you need to focus on. If you comply with the requirements of those three areas you are 508 compliant – if you don’t, you aren’t. This post covers some of the basic concepts of compliance and how to get started determining the compliance of IT systems.

Americans With Disabilities Act and its Relevance to Web/ Software Accessibility

In February, we posted a blog entry discussing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its relevance to EIT accessibility. Since that time, recent information.

Access Board Releases Advanced Notice on Proposed Rulemaking for Section 508

The US Access Board just released an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for IT and telecommunications accessibility. This is the first step in updating the.

SSB BART Group Announces Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Winter 2010

The AMP Winter 2010 release features a new “Learning Center” and an “Accessibility Dashboard,” resulting in a superior accessibility auditing system. Learning Center AMP’s new.