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Icon for Advanced Communication Services (ACS)The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, also known as CVAA, is a 2010 law designed to ensure that communications and media services, content, and equipment are accessible to users with disabilities. The CVAA requires that video programming and advanced communications services—such as electronic messaging, video chat, and internet-based voice chat—be provided in an accessible manner to individuals with disabilities.

But, since the CVAA is built on decades of highly-technical communications law, it can be hard to figure out what it requires if you’re not already an expert. Sorting through hundreds of pages of statutes and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and decisions is a daunting on the best day.

Well, it’s your lucky day: Level Access has done that hard work for you. Download our free CVAA whitepaper and you’ll:

  • Learn how the CVAA applies to your organization
  • See what is required to make Advanced Communications Systems accessible to users with disabilities
  • Understand how consulting with people with disabilities can make your products better, and help you meet CVAA’s other requirements
  • Learn about closed captioning and video description rules for online and broadcast video programming
  • Understand the FCC’s consumer complaint procedure