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Original Presentation Date: May 12, 2020

WCAG 2.1 builds on WCAG 2.0 by adding 17 additional success criteria, 8 of which have unique implications for mobile and touchscreen devices. In this on-demand webinar, mobile accessibility expert Kara VanRoekel walks you through those new guidelines for mobile and discusses:

  • What they mean and who they benefit
  • Effective testing strategies
  • How to ensure compliance, including compliant and non-compliant code examples
  • Any special exceptions to the criteria

Webinar resources include the recorded presentation, slides, and CART transcript.

About the Speaker

Kara VanRoekel HeadshotKara VanRoekel
Accessibility Services Manager

Kara is an accessibility services manager, tester, and proponent of inclusive design at Level Access. She is especially interested in mobile accessibility, UX design, usability, and taking complex designs and interactions and making them both simple and accessible. She has seen amazing things happen when teams think about accessibility at all stages of design and development.