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Original Presentation Date: November 14, 2019

For financial services organizations the prospect of making your web and mobile content accessible—and keeping it that way—often seems overwhelming, time-consuming, and most of all, expensive.

The list of accessibility compliance requirements is somehow both exhaustive and frustratingly undefined – which can make it challenging to measure success and stay within budget and timelines.

And when you work in a heavily regulated industry, the stakes for getting it right—and the penalties for non-compliance—are high.

But getting it right doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Learn how a value-based approach to accessibility can help financial services organizations of all sizes create a lean, cost-effective practice of user-centered design, development, and project management. We reviewed case studies from clients in the financial industry, both large and small, and how they gained immediate benefits by integrating these accessibility techniques into their existing processes.

From marketing and user research to release planning and deployments, you’ll get practical guidance on how to prioritize your accessibility work in all stages of the digital product lifecycle, and learn the three key pillars that will help you establish a lean, cost-efficient process.

About the Presenter

Elle WatersElle Waters
Vice President of Community and Development

Elle brings hearts and minds together to make the world a more accessible place. When she laces up her boots in the morning, she’s ready for anything: teaching, building community, spreading awareness, and leading the charge as Level Access takes the global stage. More than anything, Elle loves seeing the amazing things that happen when teams put accessibility first. She has a passion for social justice, a love affair with emerging technologies, and a healthy fear of zombies.