Impactful Training

We believe that teaching accessibility and inclusion is a fundamental piece to all the
work we do: it drives transformation. Our experts will teach your team using
real-world examples to ensure that they can apply principles and develop the
skills needed for self-sufficiency. Our approach focuses on skill-building for
one simple reason: knowledge without action does not lead to change.

Personalized Instruction

Four training methods: classroom, one-on-one, online, and help desk

Don’t settle for a download of information. With live demonstrations and hands-on exercises, your team will understand how to integrate accessibility into their daily practices and workflow. We incorporate your business goals and environment to craft a fully personalized learning experience.

By using our customers’ own design and development as a cornerstone for all our teaching exercises, we provide practical and actionable approaches to implementing web standards and web accessibility requirements. We’ll also ensure that your digital creations are easy to use and create great experiences for people with disabilities.

Making a Real Impact

All course and reference materials are designed and created by our own consulting, product development, and training teams. Our hands-on approach leaves your organization with the latest and most up-to-date best practices. All trainers are experts in accessibility, assistive technology testing, and validation; thus, the people teaching the class have real-world knowledge of addressing accessibility problems. We aim to get your team to the point that they can:

  • Proactively address issues and reduce the time necessary to implement accessibility enhancements
  • Quickly identify and address known accessibility problems
  • Reduce costs by integrating accessibility into your development and avoiding expensive retrofitting projects

Build Sustainable Practices

1 in 5 people has a disability that affects their daily life.

We can help you meet your immediate goals for training by leading workshop sessions focused on specific roles. However, we also will work towards long-term sustainability by creating a training plan that aligns with the needs of an organization. This can include recommendations on:

  • Online courses and learning pathways by role
  • Annual training workshops informed by your changing needs
  • Team training workshops on cross-functional special topics
  • On-boarding learning paths for new hires and role transitions
  • Additional recommendations based on evolving growth

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