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The Fall 2012 release of AMP included the addition of many new key features based on our primary goal of providing AMP subscribers with the necessary solutions, knowledge and guidance to facilitate all aspects of accessibility compliance testing. Some of the improvements you’ll find in the new release:

Document Object Module (DOM) Testing  AMP supports the spidering and automated testing of the true Document Object Model (DOM) for all web content. This allows the AMP automated testing functionality to render web content in a true browser during the spidering process before performing the automated evaluation. This ensures that the true end user experience is being evaluated against the relevant accessibility standards, which is not accomplished through browser emulation.

Enhanced Testing Workflow  The new AMP testing workflow functionality provides users with an intuitive interface to quickly and easily create tests by defining the technology platform that is being tested and quickly setting the testing parameters. The new functionality clearly distinguishes the testing and reporting processes.

Spider Authenticated Sites/Applications Users can now leverage the ability to create a new AMP Test directly within the AMP Toolbar for Firefox. This allows users to simply record their login credentials and steps to complete the authentication form through direct interaction with the website or web application within Firefox. Once the recording process is completed, users simply save their work as a new AMP Test.

Coming in 2013

These new features are just the beginning of many enhancements that will be incorporated into AMP in the coming months, many of which are a direct result of customer feedback pertaining to enhancements or additional features that they would like to see within the AMP product line.  Some of the new features and enhancements you’ll see in upcoming releases:

  • New UI, including a whole new Dashboard look and feel
  • Enhanced statistics and executive level reporting
  • Expansion of AMP’s Trend Analysis features
  • Site Monitoring Services

If you’re not currently an AMP user, contact us to schedule a presentation and learn more about the power of AMP.