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Designing a new website or mobile app is an exciting time for an organization; the team is assembled, ideas are flowing, and the prize of brand amplification is within reach. Your new refresh or re-launch is the best time to focus on gaps in the customer experience and ensure that users with disabilities can easily access your digital properties. At Level Access, our experts partner with product and design teams from the beginning and help support them from ideation to go-live.

Don’t wait until it’s launch time to test for accessibility, only to realize that you’ve built an inaccessible user experience; make it accessible from the start with Level Access.

Connect with a Digital Accessibility Expert

graph showing that the cost of solving a bug or issue increases dramatically as a digital property advances further in the SDLC process from Requirements Building through Design, Development, QA and Release
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Get ahead of potential issues

Prevent ‘accessibility debt’ from building up early on so it doesn’t cause problems further down the pipeline, and address accessibility at every stage. It pays to plan from the beginning, and there’s no one better to partner up with than our experts

  • Catch problematic designs immediately and replace them with proven, accessible ones.
  • Take advantage of our expertise so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for making common objects, elements, and features accessible.
  • Focus your creativity and ingenuity on the areas that won’t adversely affect user accessibility and understanding.

1- Ideation Stage

Build the Requisite Knowledge
The idea that accessibility forces designs to be less creative or beautiful is a myth – our experts can show you how to embrace accessibility without making experiences any less creative or powerful. In fact, a more usable and accessibly UX can actually drive stronger engagement and help you stand out. Learn more by downloading our eBook on Making the Business Case for Accessibility.

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2- Design and Wireframe

Component Library Review
Have us check your component libraries to catch accessibility violations that may be lurking in your frequently used components or templates so you don’t unwittingly introduce issues into designs. Optimize your design libraries or style guides so your projects start off from an optimal base.

Design Consultation and Comp Review
We will review your wireframes, layouts, comps, and other design artifacts to provide the correct guidance and acceptance criteria for accessibility.

3- Development and QA

Development Support to Avoid Bottlenecks
Get ad hoc accessibility testing and consultation throughout your dev process to support your ongoing efforts. This way, your team can lean on our specialists when needed and address accessibility without unnecessary slowdowns.

Audit the Build
Once development is completed and the site or product is nearing release, our specialists can conduct a thorough audit of the system to evaluate the accessibility and compliance level.

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4- Release Stage

Post-Release Monitoring and Ongoing Support:
Our software offers continuous monitoring of web properties for common issues and supports full testing and reporting management. Our experts can also assist your team with any complex issues that arise or consult on new releases and updates.

5- Going further

Learn more about how we can support your design and development efforts.

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