Navigating VPAT® 2.0: Best Practices for Filling Out a VPAT

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Level Access has extensive experience with digital accessibility. Based on our experience, here are some best practices to avoid pitfalls when using the VPAT 2.0 template:

  • The VPAT 2.0 document is broken up into two sections: instructions on how to use the document, and the conformance template. However, your final version for publication should only include the completed template. Be sure to keep your VPAT up to date. If your product’s features or functionality change, your VPAT should modified to reflect those changes, and include the date of the revision, as well as the version of your product that is being evaluated.
  • It is particularly important that your VPAT is accurate and completed by someone who is familiar with accessibility laws and standards. Submitting an inaccurate VPAT puts your company at great risk if you are awarded a contract and your product does not meet the criteria indicated in the VPAT.
  • A common mistake when completing a VPAT is simply stating whether a certain accessibility criteria is supported or not supported. It is equally important to provide an explanation to back your claim and give the reviewer an accurate picture of what your product is able to do.
  • If possible, completed VPATs should be posted on your company website or be available at the request of a customer. Although this may seem obvious, please ensure that the VPAT document itself is accessible.

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Ken Salaets, ITI Director of Global Policy, and Bill Curtis-Davidson, Level Access Senior Director of Program & Policy Services, break down the new VPAT and how to best use it.

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