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The regulatory calendar for the Section 508 Refresh has been updated as of October 24, 2016. The rules will probably go into effect prior to the end of the current Federal year—just in time for year-end procurements!

Here is the updated calendar*:

Milestone Period Date
NPRM draft to OIRA for economic impact assessment DONE 3/31/2014
OIRA completes NPRM review DONE 6/29/14
OIRA review notes incorporated into draft NPRM DONE 2/17/2015
NPRM published in Federal Register DONE 2/27/2015
NPRM comment period DONE 5/28/2015
Board approves draft rule text DONE 9/14/2016
Rule submitted to OIRA for review DONE 10/24/2016
OIRA completes final regulation review (assumes no substantive changes) (push for expedited review) 90 Days 1/27/2015
Final rule published in Federal Register ~5 days 1/27/2017
Rule effective date (Administrative in nature) 60 Days 3/28/2017
Complaints allowed under new rules 182 Days 7/28/2017
FAR and procurement policy updates due 182 Days 7/28/2017

*Note: Based on the public representations, the Access Board is strongly considering setting the effective date for the standards to be 6 months after the date of publication in the Federal Register.   As we have noted in our webinars on the subject, the effective date is principally an administrative date and is unlikely to impact the operational implementation of the standards on organizations.  A date change would, however, align the effective date of the standards with the practical implementation date of the standards.

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