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The latest version of the Window-Eyes screen reader was just released. It includes the following features:

  • Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) support
  • Automatic browse mode support – Automatically enters and leaves browse mode when interacting with or entering text into form controls
  • New hot keys for web browsing
  • Support for Windows 8
  • Support for the Java Access Bridge – allows users to access Java applications that correctly implement accessibility
  • Access to safe mode of the Windows OS
  • A thumb drive based version of Window-Eyes called Window-Eyes Mobile
  • New voices and speech synthesizer options

Additional features are also available. Read more about the Window-Eyes 8 upgrade features .

These features including use of the Insert Key for Window-Eyes commands bring several aspects of the Window-Eyes application in line with other screen readers such as NVDA and JAWS for Windows. ARIA support was long overdue in Window-Eyes. Many websites are using ARIA at some level to provide additional methods of navigation, access to custom controls, and automatic announcement of dynamic and alert information. ARIA and HTML5 support in Window-Eyes will need to be vetted as complete support requires access in many different situations with different sets of controls in multiple browsers.

Information about screen reader usage (desktop and mobile) can be found in the fourth version of the Web AIM screen reader survey results page.