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Tenon Sunsetting

As of August 7, 2023, will be shutting down

What does this mean for Tenon Customers? 

At 5:00pm EST on August 7, 2023, the service will go offline.  At that time the API will stop responding to new requests.

If you currently leverage for testing, monitoring, and reporting, we’d love the opportunity to show you how to get started with the Level Access Platform.

Tenon may be retiring, but the testing tools, accessibility insights, and hands-on experience that developers need are here to stay at Level Access.  To learn more about how you can continue moving forward in your accessibility journey, Request a demo today.


Frequently asked questions


Q: What will happen to any tests that are still running on on August 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET?

A: Tests that are still running when the service is taken offline will be stopped, and will not be completed successfully.


Q: Do I need to take any action to close my account?

A: No, your account will be de-activated automatically. If you still have any outstanding balance, we will send you a final invoice.


Q: Is there a way for me to continue testing my website for accessibility issues?

A: If you would like to continue testing, and monitoring for accessibility issues, we would love to talk to you more about how the Level Access Platform can help you take the next step in your accessibility journey. To get started, request a demo today.