Partnering to Make the Web Accessible

Amika is committed to creating accessible online experiences for everyone, including people with disabilities. To accomplish this, we’ve chosen to work with a trusted third-party solution provider, Level Access. This partnership ensures we can hold ourselves to the highest standards for accessibility, developing and maintaining digital experiences that are functional, usable, and enjoyable for all.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility is the practice of removing any barriers that might prevent full engagement with a digital experience. People with disabilities may interact with experiences in different ways, including using assistive technology like a screen reader or alternative input devices. 

We prioritize digital accessibility as part of our commitment to delivering an inclusive experience for everyone. This work involves creating accessible designs, delivering code that properly interacts with assistive technology, and ensuring the user interface is logical and functional for all.

Who does it benefit?

A clear, logical, functional user interface is easier to navigate and more enjoyable for everyone. But digital accessibility is particularly important for people with disabilities—especially those with visual, cognitive, and physical impacts.

And this community represents a significant segment of the population. According to the World Health Organization, globally, there are more than 1 billion people living with a disability.

What is Amika‘s commitment?

With this global perspective in mind, we embrace digital accessibility as more than a legal compliance requirement. Creating experiences that are accessible for all is our moral obligation. 

We are proud to partner with Level Access, a company founded upon this shared belief.

Powered by Level Access

Level Access works with organizations at every stage of the digital experience creation journey, supporting teams with the tools and training to improve the accessibility of every digital property, for every user.

Through this partnership, we are equipped to continuously identify and fix any accessibility barrier that may be blocking a user from full engagement. Together, contributing to a more accessible online world. 

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