Giving to improve communities

The Mayerson family has a tradition of giving generously to those in need. Even when earlier generations struggled to make ends meet, there were always a few coins set aside to help others. Today, The Mayerson Foundation carries on that legacy, ensuring charitable assets are distributed in a way that will improve the world. The Mayerson Foundation invests in high-quality projects and ideas that empower marginalized groups and create caring, respectful communities. It supports those with a passion to live to their potential and, in turn, help many others. In joining the Level Access coalition, The Mayerson Foundation is providing tools to people with disabilities that can help enable their self-sufficiency and further that same cause.

Neil Mayerson

“As we go about our work we recognize that none of us accomplishes much of anything meaningful alone. It is only through the dedicated and collective effort of many that we succeed.”

– Neal H. Mayerson, Ph.D., President

A Coalition of Organizations Empowering People with Disabilities