MSD in partnership with Level Access

Digital accessibility is a critical component in MSD’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are proud to partner with Level Access to ensure our digital experiences are accessible and functional for all our customers and provide free assistive technology to people with physical disabilities.

Accessibility and Healthcare – A Global Perspective

According to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability opens in a new tab, a number that is growing as the population ages.

As part of our mission to save and improve lives, MSD is committed to removing barriers, improving access to healthcare services and products, and promoting inclusion for people with disabilities.

Female medical provider assisting a man in a wheelchair

Digital Inclusion

Online access is integral to our daily lives. But for many people with disabilities, the barriers presented to accessing and engaging with websites, digital tools, and mobile experiences range from frustrating to life-threatening. For people with disabilities, digital accessibility ensures access to healthcare, employment, social services, legal support, education, and friends and family.

We’ve partnered with

Level Access

Collaborating with their team of accessibility designers, developers, testers, and legal experts, and incorporating their cutting-edge technology to ensure our digital properties are fully accessible. Take a moment to check out Level Access’s Assistive Technology app, easily downloadable from the link above!

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