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Federal Court Decision in Gomez v. GNC Highlights Importance of Choosing an Experienced Accessibility Expert

12/14/18 by C.P. Hoffman

A recent decision out of the Southern District of Florida highlights the importance of hiring…

DOE Rescinds “Mass Filer” Rule, Reopening Door for Web Accessibility Complaints

12/07/18 by C.P. Hoffman

In late November, the Department of Education (DOE) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a…

Blue Beanie Day: My Origin Story

11/30/18 by Derek Featherstone

In 1996 I remember sitting at a computer at 11pm trying to figure out why…

Automated Testing for Web Accessibility

11/27/18 by Anders Fredericksen

It’s a common situation: an organization has an extensive website that is central to the…