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Digital Accessibility Case Filings Rebound in October/November after September Dip

12/28/18 by C.P. Hoffman

While the decline in case filings in September may lead some to think the current…

Federal Court Decision in Gomez v. GNC Highlights Importance of Choosing an Experienced Accessibility Expert

12/14/18 by C.P. Hoffman

A recent decision out of the Southern District of Florida highlights the importance of hiring…

DOE Rescinds “Mass Filer” Rule, Reopening Door for Web Accessibility Complaints

12/07/18 by C.P. Hoffman

In late November, the Department of Education (DOE) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a…

Blue Beanie Day: My Origin Story

11/30/18 by Derek Featherstone

In 1996 I remember sitting at a computer at 11pm trying to figure out why…