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2018 Digital Accessibility Trends – Fall Update Q&A and Webinar Resources

09/25/18 by Kristin Heineman

Level Access CEO and Founder Tim Springer and Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila hosted our…

Online Retailers – Here’s 10 Things People with Disabilities Want You to Know

09/21/18 by Kim Phillips

E-Commerce Times published a great article this week from our Chief Experience Officer Derek Featherstone on…

Why I joined Level Access as CMO

08/22/18 by Cindy Zhou

When I reflected on my past career decisions, I realized that the most fulfilling and…

Web Accessibility Litigation Targets Retail and Consumer Services, Government Agencies in July 2018

08/20/18 by C.P. Hoffman

If you are concerned about your organization’s risk of an ADA lawsuit, contact us for…