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GAAD 2024:

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) with us all month long |

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Reporting and Analytics

Accessibility insights you need, when you need them

Digital accessibility is an ongoing practice. Tracking your progress over time is key to understanding the impact of your efforts and identifying areas of opportunity. Our platform’s reporting capabilities equip you with all the information you need to make decisions about resourcing and prioritization that ensure sustained momentum. Understand the accessibility of every asset within your organization at a high level, or drill down into any issue on any page of a digital experience.

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Scalable, reliable reporting

Track accessibility status and remediation progress across a portfolio of assets.

In-depth accessibility data

Access each asset’s dashboard, detailing results of automated and manual testing.

A single system of record

Use the platform as a system of record, documenting your progress over time.

Headshot of Robertson Odom of CarMax
"The comprehensive tools and reporting system that Level Access offers support our distributed approach to accessibility. We can manage accessibility at both the individual team level and the organizational level, allowing us to share responsibility while operating autonomously"

Roberston Odom,

Principal Software Engineer, CarMax

Data you can act on

Gain clarity on the current accessibility of your digital portfolio, and identify opportunities to make progress, with actionable analytics.  Plus, understand which digital properties are putting your organization most at risk for a user complaint or legal action.  

Accessibility issue severity 

Understand which accessibility issues have the greatest impact on users, so you know what to prioritize.  

Most common findings 

Identify which types of issues are most widespread across your digital portfolio, helping direct education resources.

Accessibility health score 

Assess the overall accessibility of your portfolio. Use gamified insights to understand the impact that fixes will have on your accessibility health. 

Continuously monitor changes

The Level Access Platform continuously monitors the accessibility of your digital properties through regular automated tests, so you can respond to any changes to accessibility as your experiences are updated with new features and content.

Act fast

Set up alerts so you can swiftly triage new issues for remediation.

Simplify prioritization

Use readily available information about issue severity and location to easily prioritize fixes.

Remain focused

Sort and flag the important pages of your digital experience for extra attention.

Centralized accountability for decentralized work

Managing an accessibility program across your organization can be a challenge, especially with multiple data sources. Our platform enables you to set accessibility policies—with quantifiable metrics, track progress against those policies, and identify key areas for training and improvement:

  • Prioritize your digital experiences by risk.
  • Monitor progress and changes across your portfolio.
  • View your most common types of accessibility findings
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Whether one product or a portfolio of digital assets, our digital accessibility solution scales with your organizational needs. And our expertise in compliance will help you get continuously meet required legal obligations.