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With so many options out there the path for reaching compliance can seem confusing and unclear.

Level Access has the greatest experience in working with organizations of all types to build a streamlined and tailored plan that helps them reach their compliance goals in the most efficient way possible, while learning and adopting best practices for lasting success.

Connect with an ADA Compliance Specialist

Driving results with blended solutions that include software, expert services, and tailored education, including:

  • Comprehensive and versatile reporting views that make fixes and improvements easier
  • Functional testing by people with disabilities using assistive technology
  • Expert insights that provide teams a better understanding of issues so they can avoid them in the future
  • Automated analytics that provide actionable information to guide ongoing efforts

Level Access helps teams achieve quick and meaningful process while putting the right pieces in place for sustainable accessibility practices going forward.

Additional Resources

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An Outside-In Perspective

“Testing with Level Access lets us verify the user experience with real people with disabilities. That’s critical to understanding how our site behaves using the assistive technologies residents depend on.”


Accessibility = Inclusion

“We’re obsessed with our members and making it easier for them to access all our services and manage their health. Accessibility fits right into that philosophy.”


Accessibility: No Longer an Afterthought

“The key to our success is that accessibility is now baked in from the beginning. All teams consider it when designing and building solutions—and not just for compliance. Better accessibility and inclusion benefits everyone. Level Access helped define what accessibility means for not only our organization but the millions of students and recommenders who use the Common App each year.”


Direction That Software Alone Couldn’t Provide

“Our partnership ensures we’re addressing accessibility in the most comprehensive ways on a path and pace we can sustain-direction that software alone couldn’t provide.”


A Centralized Solution to Accessibility

“Level Access is helping make our accessibility program more sustainable, providing a centralized solution for consistency, education, and self-service.”