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VPATs, Certifications, and Statements

Validate your compliance

Whether you need a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®), WCAG Conformance Certification, or an accessibility statement, we’ll supply compliance documentation backed by our longstanding leadership as experts in digital accessibility.

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Document your accessibility

VPATs and ACRs

When it comes to product accessibility, business is on the line. Documentation demonstrating that your product meets accessibility standards is becoming a requirement in requests for proposals (RFPs), impacting new contracts as well as contract renewals. That documentation is a VPAT—and when completed it’s called an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR).

Fast track to a VPAT
A woman using a laptop to access the Level Access Accessibility Platform

Our approach to VPATs

If you’ve been asked to provide a VPAT, we’ll help you complete it in the most collaborative, comprehensive way:

“We're able to provide VPATs on platform with confidence! We've brought focus to coding for ADA compliance as a part of everyday life.”

Patrick Lucas,

Product Manager, ACI Worldwide

Accessibility statement

An accessibility statement declares your commitment to accessibility and continuous improvement. It also may be mandatory for compliance. We’ll help you craft and publish a customized statement that describes your organizational policies, accessibility goals, and successes; demonstrates that you conform with WCAG standards; and provides contact information should a user experience a barrier and want to report a problem.

Desktop screen showing the Level Access Accessibility Statement

WCAG Conformance Certification

A WCAG Conformance Certification validates that all pages and functionality of your web-based digital experience conform with applicable WCAG Success Criteria. Once we’ve thoroughly audited and tested your assets, identified errors, and worked with you to fix them, we hand over the proof you can be proud of.

Interactive accessibility icon

The Level Access icon, present on your site, is synonymous with the highest standards of accessibility. When clicked, it directs visitors to a branded, inclusion-focused experience that further validates your commitment to accessibility, articulates your partnership with Level Access, and assures users that you are continuously identifying and fixing any accessibility barriers.

Level Access logo.

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Document and validate your commitment to accessibility

Whether you want to expand sales opportunities, mitigate legal risk, or communicate your values, we’ll supply the documentation you need to reinforce your commitment to accessibility and compliance.