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| Accessibility Outlook: Laws, Lawsuits, and Learnings Shaping Compliance in 2024 |

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Security is built into the fabric of our products, infrastructure, and processes, giving you complete confidence your organizational data and services are safeguarded.

Level Access maintains the leading security program in digital accessibility with a comprehensive compliance portfolio, best-in-class continuity program, and rigorous external testing and validation.

For documentation about our security and compliance program, please contacts us at



Our flagship solution, the Level Access Platform has achieved SOC 2 compliance for security and confidentiality providing assurance to our customers that our tools are safe and reliable. Our SOC 2 report signals Level Access’s ongoing commitment to enterprise security, management, and support. The successful examination provides tangible proof of our platform’s robust security, while simultaneously streamlining the procurement process for organizations seeking a digital accessibility solution.


Level Access is one of a very short list of to hold the highly sought-after FedRAMP Authorization. Our FedRAMP Authorization demonstrates that Level not only takes security seriously but has proven it against the toughest security framework. Learn more about Level Access’s FedRAMP authorization.

ISO 27001

Our industry-leading hosted software platforms are ISO 27001 certified, giving customers both locally and abroad, the peace of mind their assets and services are protected when working with Level Access.


While Level Access’s services are not business critical, they are business important. Mature and regulated companies both want and need assurance that our services will be there when they need them. Level Access invests heavily in continuity and resilience to ensure we can continue to operate in the event of disasters and incidents. Our Business Continuity Statement describes the measures we have put in place to exceed expectations in availability and continuity for a low-impact software and services company.

Penetration testing

New vulnerabilities are being discovered every day, and as a technology company we must continually test, update, and maintain our products and infrastructure to defend against the tide of threats. Our vulnerability management program is based on NIST guidelines and industry best practice to ensure we address flaws in a timely manner. To provide assurance to customers, other interested parties, and to ourselves, we run an annual third-party penetration tests against our software platform and infrastructure to validate that we are meeting our standards.