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| Accessibility Outlook: Laws, Lawsuits, and Learnings Shaping Compliance in 2024 |

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Accessibility Audit

Automated and manual auditing

Want to know whether your website, app, platform, or other digital experience is accessible? Our team of experts, which includes native users of assistive technologies (AT), will use the power of automation and manual evaluation to test your experience against all applicable criteria in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)—the established standards for digital accessibility. Request an audit to gain a complete understanding of your experience’s accessibility.

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An actionable approach to audits

To deliver actionable results, we’ll pay specific attention to key user flows: the paths users take to complete core tasks, like completing a checkout process or requesting a demo. This focused approach helps you strategically prioritize findings and swiftly fix the issues most likely to put your organization at risk of legal action. Get started by requesting an audit today.

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