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| Accessibility Outlook: Laws, Lawsuits, and Learnings Shaping Compliance in 2024 |

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Developer Tools

Break out of break / fix

Often, product teams wait until a digital experience is built—or live—to test for accessibility, trapping developers in a never-ending break / fix cycle. We designed our accessibility tools for developers as the antidote to break / fix. Advanced tooling and flexible integrations empower teams to proactively embed accessibility in the build process, reducing the need for time-consuming remediation work down the road.

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Developer tools

Flexible tooling, faster development cycles

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to web or software development. We’ve assembled a wide range of tools and integrations covering every phase of development, so you can choose how to incorporate accessibility into your team’s unique process. Tools include a browser extension to rapidly evaluate the accessibility of key user flows in pre-production, staging, or live environments.

Test automation

Embed accessibility testing into your existing test automation process by leveraging integrations with the most popular tools and frameworks, including Cucumber and Mocha. 

CI / CD 

Take advantage of our platform’s native CI / CD integrations to catch accessibility issues while coding, during unit / regression testing, or while merging code to the branch.  


Set up custom accessibility scans and workflows in local and pre-production environments with our software development kit (SDK) and flexible API.

Headshot of Che-Bin Liu, Director of Software Engineering, Socure
“Addressing accessibility after the product is built is time-consuming, requiring costly re-engineering. We needed a shared commitment to embed accessibility at every phase of the software development life cycle. From there, we were much more efficient, improving our time to market with every release, and saving us money.”

Che-Bin Liu,

Director of Software Engineering, Socure

Program + services

Streamlined work, unlimited training and support

Project management

Copy / paste doesn’t belong in your development workflows. Our platform integrates with project management tools including Jira and Azure DevOps, eliminating the manual legwork from triaging test findings and tracking project status.

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Whether you’re new to accessibility, onboarding a new hire, or advancing your skills, our Academy offers a library of practical courses specific to accessible development. Learn on your own time with self-paced lessons or tune into live training sessions from leaders in the field.

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Expert support

When it comes to accessible development, “figure it out” isn’t in our vocabulary. We provide unlimited access to support, helping you fix complex bugs or implement new tools for developers. Our experts will help you swiftly navigate challenges to meet time-to-market goals.

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Leverage our advanced tooling and flexible integrations to embed accessibility in the digital experience build process, reducing the need for time-consuming remediation work down the road. 

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