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| Accessibility Outlook: Laws, Lawsuits, and Learnings Shaping Compliance in 2024 |

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Automated Remediation and User Personalization Tools

A program built on the power of automation

Your website’s content is dynamic, and every update can introduce unintentional accessibility barriers. Our automated remediation technology helps you keep pace with content changes by continuously scanning your live site, finding common accessibility issues, and automatically resolving them for your end users.

And with optional personalization tools, delivered through a widget, visitors can choose to customize their on-site experience based on their unique needs and preferences.

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Accelerate accessibility

Many of the most common WCAG violations can be found—and fixed—automatically. When installed on your site, our automated remediation technology identifies and resolves these errors with every page load, resulting in immediate improvements to your users’ experience. It also provides the added ability to review suggested changes, edit as needed, and approve fixes.


By leveraging the power of automation, your developers can focus their time on complex accessibility issues that cannot be detected through automation alone, ultimately fueling faster progress toward an accessible site.

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Enable user personalization

User personalization tools, available through the widget, give your visitors the flexibility to customize their on-site experience by adjusting aspects like color contrast and saturation, font size and spacing, and font selection. Personalization technology also provides users with options to highlight links, pause animation, hide images, and enable voice navigation for a more seamless and intuitive journey.

Automated remediation controls for user personalization including Screen Reader, Voice Navigation, Contrast, Dyslexia Friendly, Smart Contrast, Highlight Links, Bigger Text, Page Structure, Text Spacing, Pause Animations, Hide Images, and Saturation.

From starting to scaling

Whether you’re focused on the compliance of a single site or scaling an organization-wide practice, automated remediation is a powerful part of your digital accessibility toolkit. Learn how this technology can help you more efficiently and effectively achieve your goals.

Get compliant

More swiftly achieve legal compliance by integrating automated remediation as part of a comprehensive program.

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Build for accessibility

Drive efficiency by leveraging automated remediation to fix common errors, freeing up developer time for complex fixes.

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Scale a program

Scale sustainably by integrating automated remediation to find and fix common WCAG violations across your portfolio.

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Accelerate your accessibility program with the power of advanced automation. Whether one product or a portfolio of digital assets, our digital accessibility solution scales with your organizational needs. And our experts are ready to help.