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Accessibility for Software Vendors

Simplify accessibility, unlock sales

Digital accessibility is now a widespread requirement for software buyers in government and business-to-business (B2B) organizations. We make accessibility efficient, achievable, and sustainable so you can expand your market share and stay ahead of competitors.

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Get a VPAT

Prove to buyers that your product is accessible with an expert-informed Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR)—a completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®). 

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Receive an action plan

Address areas of non-conformance with accessibility standards quickly with strategic guidance and detailed insight from the industry’s deepest bench of software accessibility experts.

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Make it stick

Go from reactive to proactive, with ongoing monitoring and issue prioritization support, plus tools to embed accessibility as you build—ensuring your product remains RFP-ready.

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Comprehensive accessibility for competitive products

Our integrated platform and expert managed services equip software vendors with the tools and support necessary to meet procurement requirements quickly, while establishing a streamlined, sustainable accessibility practice to secure future opportunities.

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Product evaluation

Our accessibility experts will guide you through the process to obtain a completed VPAT that demonstrates your software’s accessibility according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Once we evaluate your product, we’ll provide you with an actionable roadmap for fixing any issues we’ve identified so you can show buyers documentation that closes deals.

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Monitoring and reporting

Stay on top of accessibility as your product evolves with continuous monitoring and reporting dashboards. Set up alerts to quickly triage new issues that emerge, align remediation work with your sprints, and track performance against custom thresholds so you never fall behind your goals.

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Developer tools

Our developer tools are built to support efficient, effective accessibility. Software developers can use testing integrations and our browser extension to identify and address accessibility issues while code is still in pre-production, reducing the need for time-consuming remediation work on live digital products.

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Designer tools

By prioritizing accessibility in design, your team can prevent accessibility issues from being written into code. This accelerates development cycles, speeding time-to-market for new products and features. Our Figma plugin allows designers to proactively check the accessibility of their own work, and for extra validation, we offer detailed Design Evaluation.

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API and integrations

Accessibility that works the way you do

Meet buyer demands faster with embedded, agile integrations. The Level Access Platform integrates with your existing tech stack—from test automation tools and frameworks including Cucumber and Mocha to project management platforms like Jira, Azure DevOps, and Asana—so you can seamlessly incorporate accessibility into your team’s existing workflows.

Expanding opportunity, supporting innovation

  • “The partnership with Level Access has been exceptionally valuable to ensure the software we design is aligned to the accessibility needs of people and organizations around the world.”

    Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer, Nitro Software

  • “Level Access was critical to getting us to where we were confident in writing a VPAT for our product. They kept violations and requirements nicely coordinated into sections that matched the VPAT.”

    Steve Travis, Head of User Experience, Workspan

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    “We needed a partner that could help us fill our knowledge gap, providing ongoing education and training, as well as tooling integration, monitoring, and actionable reporting. That partner was Level Access.”

    Che-Bin Liu, Director of Software Engineering, Socure

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Accelerate sales with the leading accessibility solution

With more than 25 years as a vendor at the forefront of accessibility innovation, we’re well-equipped to support the goals of software and product vendors of all sizes, in all industries. Reach out to our team for an expert assessment and practical advice.

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