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GAAD 2024:

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) with us all month long |

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Legal Expertise

Compliance you can count on

With an evolving and escalating digital accessibility landscape, you need legal expertise to move quickly toward compliance. Our legal team understands the technical standards for digital accessibility, how they relate to case law trends and global regulations, and which apply to your organization.

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Legal support how—and when—you need it

If you’re already facing legal action, our team will validate the claims, help your counsel with a response strategy, and work with you on a roadmap to mitigate future risk. And our platform serves as your core system of record to validate documented improvement over time.

Demand letter validation

We provide demand letter and lawsuit validation reports to validate whether claims are credible. Evaluation is conducted manually by experts, including people with disabilities.

Response support

We work with your team to inform a response to legal action, certifying your current state of accessibility compliance, and providing a letter summarizing our findings.

Expert testimony

We’ll support you through a deposition or trial with third-party expertise, including written testimony and technical reports.

Legal monitoring

We closely monitor digital accessibility case law and legal activity, noting impactful trends in your industry that may increase your risk of a lawsuit.

AODA filing guidance

The AODA requires organizations to file accessibility compliance reports. We eliminate the complexities of reporting and confirm compliance requirements.

System of record

The Level Access Platform supports compliance, providing a history of testing and findings, showing your current accessibility health status and documented improvement.

“Level Access tools allow us to locate areas of non-compliance, and therefore risk, and fix them in a timely manner so that our customers have a better, more user-friendly experience.”

Kim Shipp,

Risk Manager, American Pacific Mortgage

Communication and documentation

Publicly demonstrate your commitment to compliance—no matter where you are on your accessibility journey.

Accessibility statement

Signal your commitment to continuous improvement with our professionally crafted, custom accessibility statement, publicly available on your site.

WCAG Conformance Certification

Our WCAG Conformance Certification validates that all pages and functions of your digital experience conform with WCAG success criteria.

Level Access interactive accessibility icon

Interactive accessibility icon

Our interactive accessibility icon on your site signals the highest standards of accessibility compliance, taking visitors to a custom accessibility commitment page.

Experts in global accessibility rules and regulations


Learn how courts are interpreting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its application to digital experiences, what the DOJ has to say, and how our solution solves for ADA compliance.

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Web Content Accessibiltiy Guidelines (WCAG)

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the global standard for digital accessibility. Learn why you should follow the latest WCAG version and how our solution supports.

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Section 508

U.S. federal agencies and vendors doing business with them must comply with Section 508. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with the market’s only FedRAMP authorized solution.

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Section 504

Organizations that receive federal funding must comply with Section 504. Understand what organizations are included, compliance requirements, and how Level Access helps you meet them.

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Explore key facts about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), including who’simpacted, how to meet legal obligations, and risks of non-compliance.

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EN 301-549

EN 301-549 applies to public-sector ICT for organizations based in Europe. Learn how this law impacts the private sector, and how to know if you’re meeting compliance mandates.

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European Accessibility Act

A 2025 deadline is looming for providers of products and services covered by the European Accessibility Act (EAA). Gain clarity on who the EAA applies to and risks of non-compliance.

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Unruh Act

The California Civil Rights Unruh Act adopted ADA standards, and it’s a driving force behind the surge in web-related lawsuits. Learn who it applies to and how to meet compliance requirements.

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NY human rights laws

An inaccessible website can be a violation of both state and federal laws if your organization is based in New York, or you have customers in the state. Understand compliance requirements.

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Legal support services

Whether you’ve been the target of legal action or want to reduce future risk, our expert legal team is ready to help you move quickly toward compliance.