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Collaboration and Workflow Management

Streamlined workflows, efficient accessibility

Speed up sprints and unclog workflows with the advanced project management capabilities of the Level Access Platform. Easily organize projects and track progress with ready-to-scale collaboration tools and leverage our native integrations with Jira, Azure DevOps, and Asana to manage accessibility in your familiar workspaces.

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Cross-team collaboration

Flexible tooling for focused work

Every team works differently. Our platform’s integrated workflow management capabilities empower teams to collaborate how they want, when they want, while simplifying prioritization.

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Issue prioritization

Easily identify high-priority work when you review testing and monitoring findings. The Level Access Platform automatically organizes test results by severity, so you can focus on addressing the issues with the greatest impact on users.

In-platform collaboration tools

Prioritize and assign accessibility findings, communicate with internal and Level Access support teams, and track your remediation progress, all within the platform.

Project management integrations

Seamlessly sync data from the platform to your existing issue tracking software, like Jira. Push issues, notes, and attachments. Track progress, review, and respond to comments within each task.

A headshot of Amanda Calvert, IT Accessibility Program Director, University of Cincinnati. She has bobbed dark brown hair and wears a black shirt.
“Level Access's solutions are enabling us to build a self-service culture and spread a shared sense of ownership for accessibility across our colleges.”

Amanda Calvert,

IT Accessibility Program Director, University of Cincinatti

Collaborate effectively at scale

Our Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking feature consolidates communication for easier project management. Product managers can create clear process maps with owners and deadlines. Developers can review all of their assigned projects, in one location, as part of their current workflow. And all stakeholders can monitor progress and reprioritize when necessary.

Scope and plan projects

Group accessibility issues into projects, assign them as tasks, and assign tasks to team members. Highlight unfamiliar issues for priority evaluation.

Streamline communication

Use built-in communication tools that can automatically sync with Jira, Azure DevOps, or Asana. Review comments and collaborate with internal team members or the Level Access team within each task.

Stay on top of updates

Set up notifications to ensure you never miss important updates, including status changes, new comments, or finding dismissals.


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Streamline workflows for greater efficiency with the advanced, integrated project management capabilities within the Level Access Platform.  

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