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| Accessibility Outlook: Laws, Lawsuits, and Learnings Shaping Compliance in 2024 |

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VPATs and ACRs

Product accessibility

Digital accessibility is a requirement in many software procurement processes. We’ll help you unlock sales by providing a completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®)—also called an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR)—proving that your product meets accessibility standards. Request a VPAT today and start closing more deals.

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Our approach to VPATs

We take a collaborative, comprehensive approach to completing VPATs. Here’s how we work: 

  1. Evaluate your product’s accessibility using strategic combinations of assistive technologies (AT) and browsers
  2. Deliver audit results outlining any accessibility issues we’ve identified, along with actionable guidance for fixing them
  3. Partner with your team to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues
  4. Deliver an objective, fully accessible ACR (a completed VPAT)
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