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Auditing & Testing

Expert testing in every environment

Our comprehensive accessibility auditing and testing solutions combine the efficiencies of technology with expert manual evaluation, including testing performed by users with disabilities. Our integrated platform supports automated testing in every environment, giving you the flexibility to test when and where you need to. And our user-first approach to manual accessibility testing mirrors the ways real users interact with your site, so you can ensure seamless experiences for all.

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Auditing and testing

Flexibility and scalability

Our platform enables accessibility scanning and testing at every stage of the experience creation life cycle, seamlessly integrating with your existing tools. With our automated testing capabilities, you can check accessibility as early as design, and scan in pre-production, secure environments, production, and post-production. And our tools scale with your way of working—you can test as many properties as you need, with as many users as you have.

Browser extension

Test interactive and dynamic user flows, scan pre-production and secure environments, and evaluate, prioritize, and organize your findings.

Automated Flows

Make and keep your critical user flows accessible with automated testing for your user flows, interactive elements, dynamic content, and single-page experiences.

Test automation

Bring our platform’s automated testing capabilities into your test automation suite, integrating with your CI / CD tools or software development kits (SDKs).

Designer tools

Test your design components with our Figma plug-in and receive accessibility feedback on designs and style guides with our detailed Design Evaluations.


Check code and content for accessibility issues in any environment and embed accessibility into your existing toolkit with our powerful API.

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Component testing

Fix multiple accessibility barriers across global components, increasing efficiency and accelerating improvements to users’ experience.

Manual accessibility testing

How we work

Expert team

Our team of professional testers, including individuals with disabilities, work from a wealth of experience to identify new errors and verify those that have been fixed.

Multiple technologies

Our testers evaluate your experience using several assistive technologies on a variety of browsers to ensure accessibility for every combination.

Comprehensive reporting

Reporting and analytics aggregate results from automated accessibility scans and manual testing, and we provide guidance for fixes.

An agile approach to accessibility testing

Our team of experts builds on the power of automation, evaluating your digital properties in the ways real users interact with them. We focus on testing key user flows: the specific paths users take to complete core tasks, like making a purchase or requesting important information. Why do we audit this way? The status-quo approach to auditing delivers thousands of results that are unwieldy and unnecessary for most organizations. Testing user flows allows you to:

  • Stay focused on the areas of your experience that matter most to users
  • Easily prioritize remediation projects that support organizational goals
  • Act quickly to ensure crucial functionality is accessible to all
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Validation with use case testing

Once we conduct user flow tests, we validate that those experiences are free of any barriers for actual users. Our use case testing is done by testers with disabilities who are native assistive technology (AT) users. Test results will reveal every AT used and any significant issues—specific to that AT. This type of testing goes beyond just meeting WCAG standards, and elevates your experience to ensure maximum usability for all.

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Ongoing monitoring, actionable results

After testing, stay on top of the accessibility health of every digital property in real time—and over time—with our continuous monitoring capabilities. Alerts enable you to quickly address any critical drops to the accessibility health of any monitored asset, and our reporting and analytics equip you with the information you need to make strategic decisions about resourcing and prioritization. Eliminate duplicate work with our Auto-Match Findings feature, which automatically matches findings it has detected previously, groups results, and provides a complete history of each issue.

Learn more about reporting and analytics
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Way beyond web

Our automated scanning toolset and manual accessibility testing don’t begin and end with websites. Our team has the experience and expertise to evaluate a wide range of assets in your portfolio:

  • Mobile sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Gaming software
  • Embedded software
  • Digital products
  • Digital platforms
  • Desktop applications
  • Hardware

PDF accessibility

Discover, test, and remediate

Use our PDF Accessibility Checker to automatically discover documents across your site or upload new PDFs for accessibility scanning. Detailed reports unpack the accessibility status of each PDF—with easy-to-read passed / failed indicators and in-depth descriptions for every rule. With one click, you can request remediation. Our team gets to work evaluating based on the PDF/UA standard, which is the universally established standard for PDF accessibility. We then deliver an accessible document—all within the Level Access Platform.

A desktop display showing Level Access's PDF Accessibility Checker.


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Whether one product or a portfolio of digital assets, our digital accessibility solution scales with your organizational needs. And our expertise in compliance will help you meet ongoing required legal obligations.