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Testing User Flows: Keeping Critical Paths Barrier-Free

One-time audits that test every element on every page of your digital experience are overwhelming and unnecessary for the vast majority of organizations. The alternative? Shift to testing user flows. By testing the critical paths users take, you can act quickly to make the most important parts of your digital experience accessible to all.

User flows define user experience

User flows are the specific paths that users take to complete core tasks on a digital property, such as making a purchase, booking an appointment, requesting a demo, or accessing important information. Prioritize testing user flows, fix accessibility barriers in those flows, and you’ll make a significant impact on your business objectives. And once urgent, business-critical issues have been addressed, you can move to less critical paths.

Fast, frequent insight into what matters most

When teams focus on testing user flows—rather than trying to identify and fix every error on every page of an entire digital property—results are delivered quickly, frequently, and in a bite-sized, manageable format. This empowers teams to prioritize high-impact work and make incremental progress, instead of confronting an overwhelming list of audit findings and wondering where to begin.

Our approach to testing user flows

To meet organizations’ needs, we offer several solutions for evaluating the accessibility of user flows:


Receive detailed, actionable feedback from accessibility experts—including people with disabilities—in a matter of days versus months.

Browser Extension

Identify accessibility barriers in real time by scanning user flows. Sync results with the Level Access Platform for analysis and action.


Rapidly identify issues by easily setting up and running automated user flow tests directly in the Level Access Platform.

Shift focus to user flows and set your team up for sustainable progress

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Designer tools

Identify and address accessibility issues in design, eliminating barriers before development begins.

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Workflow management

Prioritize and resolve issues, integrating with systems like Jira and Azure DevOps.

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Governance and reporting

Monitor and manage your portfolio of work on a centralized system of record.

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An agile, user-first approach to accessibility audits, all centralized on the Level Access Platform.