We’ve been hard at work assessing and strengthening the capabilities of our best-in-class digital accessibility platform since our merger in the fall of 2022. Now, we’re excited to offer improvements and new features that will help clients create accessible digital experiences more efficiently. We’re particularly excited about empowering accessibility program managers with quick, actionable insights for rapid, measurable progress. Below, we unpack platform updates and how they’ll level up your accessibility program in 2023.

a client examining their accessibility progress so far

Governance Dashboard and policies

Managing your accessibility program across your organization can be challenging, especially with multiple data sources. The Governance Dashboard transforms accessibility testing data into actionable insights with centralized reporting across your digital experiences.

  • Build a sustainable accessibility program with policies
    Drive measurable results by defining standardized accessibility policies and metrics for your organization.
  • Prioritize your portfolio of digital experiences by risk
    Action your most vulnerable digital experiences with the highest number of critical issues.
  • Monitor progress and changes across your portfolio
    Ensure your teams stay on top of accessibility findings and action them in a timely manner using the integrated tools of the Level Access Platform.
  • Surface your most common accessibility findings
    Access your combined results and identify key areas for improvement and training.

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Component testing

As organizations move increasingly toward the use of design systems, it’s likely that many of the accessibility errors across your digital experiences are not unique findings, but may be repeated issues within the same handful of objects or components. Component testing, our newest testing capability, helps you prioritize and accelerate improvements to your customer experience by addressing multiple accessibility issues with a single fix.

  • Find your focus more efficiently
    More prioritization tools to help focus your resources on what matters most.
  • Make a larger impact, with lower effort
    Improve the user experience meaningfully while saving staff time spent on repeated errors.

Integrating Access Engine

Access Engine, our industry-leading automated testing tool, is now available in the Level Access Platform. This proprietary testing engine combines more than 20 years of experience from industry-leading accessibility experts with robust reporting, health scoring, and our Auto-Match Finding capabilities already available in the platform. With a core focus on leveraging automation wherever possible, it limits false positives, while still catching critical issues that can be missed by other tools in the market.

  • Get a holistic perspective
    Detect issues, identify which issues should be investigated, and evaluate your accessibility experience with three categories of automated tests designed to give you a comprehensive perspective on your accessibility.
  • Find impactful accessibility issues faster
    Access Engine enables users to spend less time on false positives. It produces a lower percentage of false positive issues reported, allowing teams to focus on accessibility barriers that are realistic and actionable.
  • Test with confidence
    Make progress confidently knowing Access Engine is built on decades of experience from the industry’s leading subject matter experts. As our default testing tool, the engine is continually evaluated for accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness.

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Manual Evaluations Dashboard

Our new dashboard is an efficient way to triage, prioritize, and action results from manual evaluations of your digital properties. We’ve added user experience upgrades to this area of the platform to provide clearer insights and even more actionable information as you review your remediation progress. Plus, integration between this dashboard and our new Governance Dashboard enables accessibility program managers to review the impact of manual evaluations against organizational policies.

  • Start remediation faster
    Spend less time reviewing and understanding your results and more time actioning them with a new, simplified summary of your evaluation.
  • Prioritize for impact
    Maximize impact with maximum control. Now, you can prioritize issues that affect organizational policies, or prioritize issues by category and affected Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) success criteria.
  • Track remediation velocity over time
    Ensure remediation efforts are on track with more ease than ever. Our improved reporting, with at-a-glance, graphically organized summaries, helps you track for all issues by severity, and provides analysis of issue severity over time to give crucial insight into progress made.

a client examining their accessibility progress so far

Time for an upgrade?

The Level Access Platform exists to help you work smarter, not harder to ensure accessible, compliant user experiences for everyone. And with these new features and upgrades, we’re making accessibility remediation more streamlined and efficient than ever. Want to know how to incorporate these new features into your existing accessibility workflows? Maybe you’re still building your program, or you’re not even sure where to start. Wherever you’re at, we’ll meet you there—with simple, easy-to-navigate tools and reporting to help you make an impact, fast. Schedule a demo with our team today and we’ll show you how our platform makes upgrading your user experience and sustaining compliance manageable.


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