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Our Story

At Level Access, we are proud to have a diverse team of engineers, programmers and consultants.  Many on our staff have disabilities themselves, giving them a real edge in identifying needs and issues, and effectively testing and creating products and services with accessibility and usability in mind. In addition, more than half of our client services staff has worked directly as staff and contractors for the Section 508 compliance teams in U.S. Federal Government agencies.

Our ultimate goal at Level Access is to create a world where digital systems can be made readily accessible to users with disabilities—enabling digital technology to become a profound empowering force in their lives.

Founded in 1997 by engineers with disabilities, Level Access has been in the accessibility business since before Section 508 and the WCAG existed, and longer than any of our competitors. During this time we have supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 1000 organizations, from leading government agencies to enterprise-class firms to smaller-sized companies.  Our industry-leading software, training and consulting solutions provide the full compliance that can protect clients from expensive lawsuits while enabling them to qualify for more contracts and reach more customers.

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The Level Access Advantage

Unmatched track record.

Level Access has been providing accessibility solutions since 1997—longer (and better) than anyone else.

Uniquely qualified staff.

Level Access is proud to employ many employees with disabilities, so we recommend only what we know works in the real world.

Focused expertise.

Unlike our jack-of-all-trade competitors, we put our total focus on just one thing: digital accessibility.

Comprehensive solutions.

Level Access goes beyond automated testing to ensure clients comply with all legal requirements, not just those easy to address.

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