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A VPAT document details how your product meets the digital accessibility standards of WCAG, Section 508, and/or EN 301 549.

A VPAT That Seals Your B2G/B2B Deal

In the B2B/B2G sales process, procuring companies are increasingly requiring potential customers to provide an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR), which is derived from a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). You can demonstrate your company’s commitment to delivering a user experience that’s inclusive of everyone with VPAT compliance.


Level Access’ team of accessibility experts will ensure your software is thoroughly evaluated for compliance, prepare the results in the VPAT format, and remain by your side during the sales cycle, helping you secure and win those procurement deals.


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Receive Comprehensive And Actionable Insights from Your VPAT Assessment

Many vendors promote delivering a rapid and inexpensive VPAT report, in exchange for a surface-level pass/fail audit – without any guidance for why you failed, and how to resolve it.

Working with Level Access to prepare your VPAT report ensures you’ll receive a thorough, structured, action-oriented audit of your system, helping your company prioritize work items to become more accessible.

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Inspire Confidence, Avoid Scrutiny With VPAT Compliance

Preparing a VPAT and Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) is more than simply understanding WCAG, Section 508, and EN301 549 guidelines. Your partner must have a well-earned reputation for delivering objective, rigorous, and defensible claims.

As a trusted market leader, Level Access has the expertise, experience, and track record, when it comes to helping companies meet digital accessibility compliance.

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Prevent Liability To Your Company

Any misrepresentations made by your company on the VPAT document, even if inadvertent, can cause significant damage to your company’s brand reputation.

Level Access’ team of accessibility experts will prepare a comprehensive and accurate summation of your accessibility audit, in the proper VPAT format, ensuring the integrity of the accessibility statements made by your company.

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Shorten Your Sales Cycle With VPAT Accessibility Experts

Procuring companies will have questions about your VPAT, which need to be resolved immediately. Having to go back and forth between a vendor and procuring company will delay deals and push out your sales cycle.

Level Access will happily be present at the procurement table, to answer and address any questions about your VPAT, as part of our VPAT services and commitment to provide customers with true “white glove” treatment.

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