How Federal Agencies Streamline Digital Accessibility at Scale

For federal agencies, digital accessibility isn’t a “nice-to-have.” It’s a legal mandate. But while prioritizing inclusion may be a given for these organizations, implementing streamlined, standardized accessibility programs at the federal level often presents challenges.

Government agencies operate at scale, so it’s no surprise that many take a piecemeal approach to digital accessibility: different teams have different requirements. Too often, the lack of central accountability in this model leads to miscommunication and inefficiency.

The solution? An enterprise-level strategy for enforcing clear and consistent processes across your organization. Our guide, “How Federal Agencies Streamline Digital Accessibility at Scale,” offers a roadmap for federal agencies ready to improve the organization and efficiency of their digital accessibility programs.

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Adopt a streamlined, effective digital accessibility program across your agency

Request this guide to learn:

  • What digital accessibility requirements apply to federal agencies
  • The most common roadblocks that federal agencies face when making digital products accessible
  • How cloud-based software solutions can streamline digital accessibility for federal agencies
  • Actionable tips for incorporating digital accessibility into agencies’ product development lifecycle

Fold digital accessibility into digital compliance

Software platforms like Level Access are an asset when managing digital accessibility programs at an enterprise level. However, the law mandates that technology used by federal agencies complies with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). The Level Access platform meets FedRAMP requirements, making it an ideal solution for government organizations. Request this guide for more information about how to leverage our software tools to manage digital accessibility at scale.

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