Web Accessibility Handbook: 12 Common Bugs and How to Fix Them

In an increasingly digital world, your website isn’t just your organization’s billboard. It’s also your front door. And if your site isn’t accessible to people with disabilities, your team is vulnerable to a range of legal and reputational risks.  

The number of web accessibility lawsuits filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has increased steadily over recent years, meaning organizations can’t afford to wait to create inclusive online experiences. Additionally, an inaccessible website can cause significant damage to a brand’s reputation, resulting in lost business.  

Want to ensure that your organization isn’t turning visitors away? Request our Web Accessibility Handbook to learn how to identify and address common accessibility barriers on your website.  

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Access our Web Accessibility Handbook to learn:

  • The top 12 mistakes organizations make regarding web accessibility
  • How to quickly identify accessibility bugs on your website
  • Best practices for resolving web accessibility errors and improving usability for all visitors

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