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A screen showing an audit report summary with a score of 94%

We have added the 17 new WCAG 2.1 A, AA, AAA Success Criteria (SC) to AMP (Accessibility Management Platform). We have created a total of 21 web best practices (two (2) criteria have three (3) best practices each) in AMP that map to the standards. Each best practice provides a description of the requirement, conformant and non-conformant examples, recommendations, and test steps. Most organizations aim for Level A/AA conformance — at this level there are a total of 16 new web best practices to consider.

Beyond web content, four(4) of the SC only apply to markup languages (like HTML), so will not apply to native apps, non-web documents, etc.:

  • SC 1.3.5 – Identify Input Purpose*
  • SC 1.3.6 – Identify Purpose
  • SC 1.4.12 – Text Spacing
  • SC 4.1.3 – Status Messages

* Applicability beyond markup languages is an exception due to lack of support in other technologies

Generally, all of the SC require manual testing. While some testing can be done with automated tools to determine if a sufficient technique was used to meet the criteria — failure techniques for the new SC are more difficult to automate without artificial intelligence. Automated testing with AI is something we are actively working on but it is not yet in production. In the near term, we have created some favlets that will help in manual inspection that have been posted to our Labs site and referenced in the AMP best practices and associated test steps.

If you are a customer who wants to access the WCAG 2.1 best practices in AMP, they are available to your organization. If for some reason the updated standards are not showing up in your organization, you can reach out to your organization administrator, our support team, or your Level Access Customer Success representative to walk you through getting your AMP organization testing control to include the WCAG 2.1 standards and associated best practices.

You can review the new best practices in AMP with the following steps:

  • Go to the best practices page (once the standards are mapped to your organization);
  • Check the web media type;
  • Check the three (3) standards (WCAG 2.1 A/AA/AAA);
  • Check “Display Best Practices mapped only to selected Standards”; and
  • Choose filter.

If you choose to audit with WCAG 2.1 but conform with WCAG 2.0, you are safe to use the WCAG 2.1 criteria for testing. This is because the standard is backwards compatible with the same numbering and provides all of the criteria and requirements that can be used to show conformance to WCAG 2.0. In addition, it will also provide a baseline of how your content stacks up with the new standards, and this information can be used to begin implementation of the new standards into your style guides, pattern library, and other design and development materials.