Webinar | Access Granted: Designing and Building Accessible Products From the Beginning

Technology should work for and be accessible to all users. But people with disabilities are running into barriers every day when they visit web sites and use applications⁠—whether its due to honest oversight or a lack of training and awareness.

On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand Webinars Chief Experience Officer Derek Featherstone taps into his years of experience guiding companies to ideate, plan, and implement accessible designs for their products and digital assets, discussing best practices for:

  • Optimizing design processes to create inclusive, accessible, and engaging experiences
  • Testing for accessibility throughout the development process (instead of at the end)
  • Validating the accessibility of your products for potential buyers/procurers
  • Avoiding the major (and common) mistakes that most often leave companies at risk for an ADA lawsuit

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