Making the Business Case for Accessibility

Most organizations understand that digital accessibility is important—but they might question whether it will impact their bottom line. If you’re trying to secure internal buy-in for digital accessibility initiatives, or establish urgency, this guide is for you.

Making the Business Case for Accessibility outlines the key benefits that businesses realize when they prioritize online inclusion, along with the risks faced by those that don’t. Request this guide for a reliable framework for advocating for more inclusive practices within your organization.

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Learn why accessibility is good for business.

Understand how accessibility bolsters business performance by:

  • Mitigating legal risks
  • Increasing revenue
  • Boosting brand reputation
  • Differentiating organizations from their competitors

Inaccessible websites lead to missed opportunities.

According to a survey by Click Away Pound, 69% of consumers with disabilities will click away from a website they find difficult to use. Over 75% of these customers will spend their money not necessarily on the website that offers the cheapest products, but where they encounter the fewest barriers to usability.

Request the complete guide, Making the Business Case for Accessibility, for more insight on why organizations prioritize digital accessibility, creating online experiences that are more inclusive of people with disabilities.

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