Webinar | Executive Briefing: Protecting Your Company From ADA Website Complaints

In 2021, there were well over 4,000 lawsuits filed against companies because their website did not meet the accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act and related state laws.

ADA compliance for web and mobile

However, the number of threatened lawsuits and/or private settlements may be anywhere from 6x to 10x that amount.

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ADA compliance for web and mobile

In this 30-minute session you’ll learn why (and how) you should avoid being on the wrong end of an accessibility complaint, including:

  • The hidden costs of having to react to accessibility complaints and lawsuits
  • How many of the popular “add on” accessibility widgets and overlays will leave your wallet emptier, and your site still inaccessible
  • The potential damage it can (or will) cause to your company’s brand, among consumers
  • How to develop a cohesive accessibility plan for your website, based on your company’s systems and goals

Webinars resources for the Webinars include the recording, slides, and transcript.

About the Presenter

Tim SpringerTimothy Springer, CEO at Level Access

Tim has dedicated over two decades to ensuring that technology not only meets regulatory standards, but also supports real world use by individuals with disabilities. As a leader in the digital accessibility industry, he has provided compliance solutions to thousands of organizations as well as advised large corporations and Federal agencies on technical challenges and best practices required to successfully achieve accessibility. Creator and designer of Level Access’s core technology, he led the development of InFocus, the industry’s first commercial software for testing web accessibility, and served as the chief architect for Level Access’s Accessibility Audit Methodology and Accessibility Management Platform (AMP).

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