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The AMP Winter 2010 release features a new “Learning Center” and an “Accessibility Dashboard,” resulting in a superior accessibility auditing system.

Learning Center

AMP’s new Learning Center provides a singular location for online course content, reference material, standards, training, and best practices. These materials are self-paced and include skills assessments after each module is completed. As a firm’s employees complete training courses, the system retains a record that can be used to satisfy ongoing training and certification requirements.

Accessibility Dashboard

AMP’s new Accessibility Dashboard provides direct access to most frequently used interactions, such as current reports, scheduled tasks, and one-click launching of InFocus, AMP’s integrated automatic testing product.

Improved look & feel and increased ease-of-use:

The most significant change in this latest version of AMP is the completely redesigned interface which provides:

  • Higher level of interactivity throughout the system, enhancing a user’s ability to be productive.
  • Speedier ability to create new reports and get results.
  • Significant improvements to the ‘Report Wizard’ and ‘Use Case Wizard’ to enhance usability.
  • In page help.
  • Rapid access to report tools.
  • Easier to read reports and easier report navigation.
  • New Quick Links providing a direct pipeline to important interactions and features.

“We are excited to launch our new “Learning Center” and “Accessibility Dashboard,” because they bring enhanced value to our clients by reaching beyond the capabilities of any other accessibility testing services on the market,” stated Timothy Springer, CEO of SSB BART Group.

The AMP Platform provides a unified methodology that is easily integrated into a company’s existing accessibility development and testing environment. In addition to helping assess the current state of systems’ accessibility compliance, AMP facilitates staff training on the latest requirements and tracks compliance success over time. AMP accomplishes all this while minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a firm’s accessibility efforts.