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To ensure accessibility as an outcome, organizations must make sure that accessibility and inclusion is embedded in their mindset, processes, and tools they’re already using.

Fortunately, Level Access knows how to support you and help you take action in a way that strengthens overall efforts without disrupting operations.  We have curated some tips to support your accessibility journey.


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Taking First Steps in Evaluating Your Site

Automated testing provides instant insight into many common and noticeable issues . Here are two easy ways to get started with automated testing.

  1. Head to and simply enter a URL for some quick scan results.
  2. Download the free version of the Access Assistant extension (available at to test different pages right out of your browser window.

Access Assistant allows you to test with a page-by-page approach

This tools allows you to test any content that can be loaded into a browser

The premium version has many more features-including a Manual Testing Wizard and is licensed with Amp- our accessibility management platform.


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How to Make Some Quick Accessibility Improvements On Your Own

While this is far from everything, many common issues relate to the items below and correcting these right away can quickly decrease your risk and simultaneously improve the user experience for everyone.

  • Semantic HTML: Appropriate use of semantic elements doesn’t just make for cleaner code that’s easier to maintain – it can also make for a more accessible experience (especially for users of Assistive Technology)
  • Accurate Page Titles: Make sure page titles are accurate and descriptive, this can be critical to smooth navigation for Assistive Technology users.
  • Correct Use of Headings: Make sure the heading levels are used appropriately and accurately represent the importance of your content.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Are you able to navigate through your site using just the keyboard? Does the order of all focusable items make sense? Learn more about keyboard accessibility with these on demand webinar resources.
  • Video Captions and Audio Transcripts: Provide captions and transcripts for your media – make sure you have captioning for live webinar events
  • Form Labels: Successfully navigating forms can be critical to the user experience! Learn about best practices for forms with these on-demand webinar resources.
  • Color Contrast: Make sure your content is readable to those with low vision – download this in-browser tool to easily evaluate color contrast.


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The only FedRAMP authorized accessibility platform​

We are proud to present AMP as the first and only accessibility management platform to gain FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) authorization. FedRAMP authorization provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services that are sold to the government.

Whether you sell into government agencies or not, you can be confident in working with an accessibility management platform that has met one of the most difficult security standards in cloud computing software.

Read more about AMP’s FedRAMP authorization.​


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