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Compliance Resources

Browse our extensive collection of resources that support in learning accessibility.

We know the importance of providing great resources to help you with becoming digitally accessible.

Accessibility Laws & Standards
A handy-dandy index for all of our legislation information. Enjoy (as much as one can enjoy legalese)! In the past 15 years, both the United States and International governments have developed legislation to ensure equal rights for people with disabilities, including equivalent access to electronic and information technology. What follows is an overview of the various major…
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Digital Accessibility Webinars
Take a break from work and let us drop some accessibility knowledge on you. After the webinar, we will always post a link to access the slide deck, transcript and recording in case you miss it or want to share! Are you in the process of setting up a Digital Accessibility Program and struggling with where to start your remediation activities? Are you struggling to understand what is in scope…
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It’s hard to get excited about whitepapers, but ours rock. Go on, download one. Back in the days when our computers screeched as they connected to the internet, we needed alternative (“alt”) text to stand in when images wouldn’t load. Nowadays, that’s not a problem, but alt text shouldn’t go the way of the dial-up modem! People who access the internet with a screen reader like JAWS or NVDA need…


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Color Contrast Checker
Enter a RGB foreground and background color in #hex or integer format to check contrast for accessibility. The compliance rate shown above is the highest compliance rate met. The WCAG 2.0 level AA and proposed Section 508 refresh compliance level is based on achieving a contrast ratio of 3:1 for text with a size of 18 points (14 points if bolded) or larger or 4.5:1 for text with a size…
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Welcome to the Level Access blog! All a11y news, all the time. It’s a common situation: an organization has an extensive website that is central to the customer experience. It receives millions of visits a month, gets updated regularly, and resources are heavily invested so that it features fresh content and functionality. Then the organization hears about new litigation in their space, such as a…