Program Management:
Accessibility Accountability

Create clear structure and organizational clarity when it comes to your commitment to accessibility. We help you formalize programs, policies, and processes to achieve and maintain digital accessibility compliance.

  • Establish an enterprise policy, embedding accessibility into every workflow.

  • Support organizational DEI and ESG initiatives.

  • Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to inclusion.
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Alignment and accountability

Accessibility starts from within. Sound internal policy and alignment are critical to ensure digital experiences are accessible and ADA compliant. We’re here to help you build the foundation—a clear-minded commitment to accessibility, woven into every relevant workflow throughout your organization.

Internally, Program Management ensures your teams are informed, aligned, and accountable when it comes to your organization’s accessibility best practices.

Externally, a clearly articulated accessibility program positions your brand as one that values inclusion and equal access for all. It also helps mitigate your risk of a digital accessibility lawsuit or legal demand letter.


Commitment to inclusion

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    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Organizations have renewed their commitments to DEI initiatives, increasing their investment in these areas. Establishing and managing an enterprise-wide accessibility program that prioritizes the needs of individuals with disabilities is a concrete and practical way to uphold this commitment to equity and inclusion.

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    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Socially responsible investors take notice of inclusive-minded organizations. This includes those that establish policies to drive social change around disability inclusion. A commitment to digital accessibility solidly supports ESG initiatives, giving organizations both a brand and bottom-line advantage.

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