It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

Automated Testing and Reporting

AMP and Access Continuum is the marriage of a robust reporting platform with an industry leading accessibility testing Software Developer Kit (SDK). Developers, QA Testers, and Project Managers can avoid costly delays by automating accessibility testing earlier in the development lifecycle.

Integrate Accessibility into Your Software Development Lifecycle

Quick Adoption SDKs and Sample Projects
Sample projects make it easy to quickly adopt test frameworks for popular languages like Java, JavaScript, and Python.
Hassle-Free Scripting Framework
Highly configurable XML scripts can target specific page elements and workflows to return valuable accessibility results.
Local Testing with Continuum Explorer
Evaluate code locally, flag accessibility issues found on the loaded browser page, and get guidance on fixing accessibility issues.

We Play Well with Others

Access Continuum is easy to set up with documentation to get started, then quickly run test results and receive output in either JSON format or easy to read UI export to the Accessibility Management Platform. By integrating with popular test frameworks, Continuum is compatible with your existing process.

  • iOS
  • Jest
  • Appium
  • Cucumber
  • Cypress
  • Python
  • Selenium
  • Karma
  • Android
  • Jasmine
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Sauce Labs

Eliminate 11th Hour Panic

Embrace accessibility across the software development lifecycle and eliminate the burden of costly last-minute remediation.

Better Together with Reporting Through AMP

Access Continuum returns test results to users in JSON format, and results can be sent to AMP for easy summary and deeper analysis.

    • Issues prioritized by Severity, Noticeability, and Tractability
    • Tailored reporting for PM’s to track progress over time
    • Code-level information for Developers and QA
screenshots of AMP tools and dashboards

What Customers are Saying

Equality In Digital Experiences

“Accessibility and inclusion is all about equality. It means ensuring equal access regardless of an individual's ability in both the physical and digital worlds.”

“Level Access is the real deal! Accessibility is hard work, but it is made all the easier with great partners like Level Access at your side. ”

An Essential Part of Running the Business

“Since improving our accessibility, we’ve seen a boost in SEO and organic search rankings. We’ve received great feedback from customers about the improved UX. Accessibility has improved Snapfish for everyone.”