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Established in 2011, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) was established to provide a cost-effective, risk-based approach to promote the adoption and use of secure cloud services by the federal government and government agencies.

FedRAMP eliminates redundant efforts by individual agencies by providing a common framework to secure and authorize cloud technologies on a government-wide scale. This is achieved through a standardized set of criteria that cloud service providers (CSPs) must comply with before they can secure contracts with the government.

Only FedRAMP Authorized CSPs that meet FedRAMP compliance requirements can secure contracts with the US government and its agencies.


What Are the FedRAMP Compliance Requirements to Become FedRAMP Certified?

There are two ways for CSPs to meet FedRAMP compliance requirements and become a FedRAMP certified vendor. They can either obtain a P-ATO (Provisional Authorization to Operate) through the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or obtain an ATO (Authorization to Operate) by working with a government agency.

The JAB is the primary governing body of the FedRAMP program and consists of the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and General Services Administration (GSA). The JAB issues a FedRAMP Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO) to a CSP after its risk has been assessed by an approved third-party assessment organization (3PAO).

Understandably, because CSPs are assessed by the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the General Services Administration, it’s a stringent process leading up to the issuing of a P-ATO. This authorization is provisional due to the fact that the JAB does not have the required authority to accept risk on behalf of any other federal agency. The authority to do this lies with the Authorization Officer (AO) of the specific federal agency.

To obtain an Authority to Operate (ATO) authorization, CSPs work directly with a specific agency during the Agency Authorization process. Here, the federal agency partner works with the CSP from the outset, approves the CSP, and arranges approval for the CSP from the FedRAMP Program Management Office. Once approved, the CSP will be issued with an ATO which authorizes the CSP to work with the specific agency.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a FedRAMP Certified Vendor?

There are many benefits for both government and private sector organizations in working with a FedRAMP authorized Cloud Service Provider (CSP). These benefits include:

  • Save time and money from having to perform independent security assessments. Since security is a key component of FedRAMP authorization, the organization can assume that their minimum protocols have been met.
  • Peace of Mind. CSPs need to comply with system maintenance, business continuity and security protocols to become FedRAMP authorized. This provides peace of mind for any agency or organization that works with that CSP.
  • Faster adoption of secure cloud services
  • FedRAMP compliance is an ongoing commitment which means that organizations can rely on an authorized CSP today and in the future.

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AMP Is Now FedRAMP Authorized

Level Access’s Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) is the only available accessibility management platform to meet FedRAMP compliance requirements and gain FedRAMP authorization. You can find us on the list of FedRAMP certified vendors.

AMP’s FedRAMP authorization means that government agencies have access to an accessibility management platform that offers:

Comprehensive testing. AMP features advanced and easy-to-use accessibility testing tools for digital assets that enable agencies to run automated and scheduled tests.
Versatile reporting. Agencies that use AMP can access detailed reports for insights into their standards-based compliance levels and to prioritize violations. They also have access to best practices to rectify violations and affected modules.
Rich guidance. Apart from identifying accessibility issues and providing actionable information for agencies to rectify issues, AMP also contains a wealth of resources that reduce industry standards into relevant, actionable criteria that make them not only easier to understand but also easier to implement.

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Become and Maintain Section 508 Compliance

Simply put, AMP gives government agencies the ability to efficiently build, test, and maintain accessible systems which, in turn, helps them to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act successfully.

Through AMP’s FedRAMP authorization, Level Access reaffirms its commitment to your security. So, whether you sell into government agencies or not, you can benefit from an accessibility management platform that meets the rigorous security requirements of FedRAMP.

If you want to find out more about AMP and how it can help you develop and support successful digital accessibility initiatives, get in touch with us and request a demo of AMP.

Who is Level Access?

Level Access has supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 2000 organizations from Fortune 500 enterprises to public sector and government agencies, educational institutions, and private sector businesses of all sizes. Our industry-leading software, consulting, and training solutions provide the full 360-degree coverage needed to ensure accessible and compliant websites, mobile apps, software, and other technology, while protecting against legal risk.

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