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Elevin is the innovative Accessibility Lifecycle Management Platform designed to make compliance easier. From integrated guided assistance, to automated monitoring and prioritized remediation, to simplified maintenance, Elevin reimagines the user experience by eliminating the need for a thorough knowledge of accessibility to remediate issues. Built on the most accurate accessibility engine on the market, Access Engine, the platform monitors your web properties automatically and delivers the most relevant issues for you to focus on, saving valuable time. The Elevin Platform doesn’t just identify issues, its proprietary machine learning algorithms, will help your organization reduce your risk with the least amount of effort.

There are two editions of Elevin, the Free Community Edition and the Professional Edition.

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Effortlessly Reduce Risk
Prescriptive guidance is delivered using ML-based algorithms to prioritize specific pages and issues to remediate that will yield the greatest risk reduction. Prioritized pages are identified with simple visual cues to make remediation easier with the least amount of effort.

No More Guesswork
Step-by-step workflows take the guesswork out of remediation making it easier for users, regardless of accessibility knowledge, to fix issues

Increase Your Knowledge
Accessipedia knowledgebase includes contextual guidance, curated & proprietary resources, and compliant examples for easier remediation. Designers and developers will welcome the on-demand help and task specific guidance to fix issues.

Remain Informed about Accessibility Changes
Keep you and your team informed automatically with robust alerts that notify you of changes that occur on any available asset you select.

Track the health of your portfolio effortlessly
Easily assess the health of your portfolio, assets, pages and more at-a-glance or drill down for greater actionable detail.

Save Time and Effort
The Elevin Platform is powered by Access Engine. Access Engine identifies more relevant issues than competitors so you can focus on the problems that matter the most.

There’s an Elevin Edition to Meet Your Accessibility Needs Now and, In the Future

Regardless of where you are in your accessibility journey, Elevin has an edition to meet your needs, from the Free Community Edition for users just starting their accessibility journey that are looking to begin monitoring their assets, to the Professional Edition that is designed specifically to help users fix the accessibility challenges that have been identified. And because Elevin is adaptable, it will grow with you and your team/organization as your needs evolve. Whether you are concerned with ensuring an individual digital asset is accessible (website or app) or ensuring your entire enterprise portfolio is compliant (company wide solution) there’s an Elevin Edition for you.


Which Elevin Edition is Right for your Organizations’ Needs?


  • Free Community Edition
  • Lightweight monitoring service
  •   Automated Monthly Scans
  •   High Level Reporting
  •   Basic Alerts on Limited Metrics
  •   Limited Remediation Guidance on Issues
  •   Limited Access to Accessipedia Knowledgebase
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  • Professional Edition
  • Robust monitoring and remediation guidance
  •   Automated Weekly Scans
  •   High Level & Detailed Reporting
  •   Robust Alerts on all Available Metrics or Assets
  •  Comprehensive Remediation Guidance on Issues
  •   Full Access to Accessipedia knowledgebase
  •   Machine Learning Remediation Guidance
  •   Downloadable Reports
  •   Historical Reporting up to 6 Months
  •   Assets Rankings
  •   Administrative Features
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