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by Tim Springer, Founder and CEO, Level Access

A quick note to wish you a happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! At Level Access in observance of GAAD we decided to have a day of service across the company. It’s a chance for our team to take a day off from their normal work and spend it in service, giving back to the communities that we all serve. We’ve currently got hundreds of people signed up for thousands of hours of service. I’m so proud of our team for their efforts – grateful to be a Leveler.

The purpose of GAAD is to raise awareness of accessibility in general. It’s about getting everyone talking, thinking and learning about accessibility. It’s about expanding the scope of awareness to the need for inclusion and equity for people with disabilities. As you go through tomorrow keep that basic objective in mind. The goal is raising awareness on the topic of accessibility – digital or real world. Sometimes the most effective way to do that is the simplest: a conversation with a loved one, friend or random stranger about accessibility. In doing that the hope is we can make the world a little more enlightened than it is today.

In support of raising awareness our head of graphic design put together a set of digital backgrounds to celebrate the day. We’re providing them here for your use.

  • GAAD1 – Plain White is a plain white background with the GAAD logo and descriptive text + the Level Access logo.
  • GAAD2 – Dark Blue is the same content with a dark blue wave background.
  • GAAD3 – Walk The Carpet is a white background with a matrix of Level Access and GAAD logos. It’s inspired by the branded background for a red-carpet walk.

Use whichever strikes your fancy or none at all.

Wishing you all a delightful GAAD ’22.